Monkey Members

Watch as the power of intentional energy and blessings miraculously transforms your life by directing vitality, rejuvenation, or other energetic properties purposefully. These memberships offer ongoing weekly energetic blessings with the power to amplify, transform, or mystically improve our lives.

Energetically encoded messages, discussions and blessings are eternal and aligned with a foundation of Divine Love, Compassion, and Grace. This membership includes:

  • Commencing Lesson + Assessment
  • Purifying + Activating Blessings
  • Monthly Live Blessing + Discussion
  • Weekly Remote Energetic Blessings
  • Access to Monk Members Collective
  • Access to Free to Love Program
  • Recorded Library of Past Sessions
  • Surprise Perks, Discounts, and Opportunities

Those participants with strong beliefs in the power of miracles, magic in the air, and quantum leaps often experience just that. The beauty of these blessed memberships is that as we transform, we naturally realign in a ripple effect towards our most Divine nature.

This membership is ideal for those who would like a more subtle journey with a collective to learn and grow alongside! The beauty of the group environment is that sometimes we hear about another's journey and it gives great insight to our own perspective.

Investment: Memberships are recommended for 3-6 months minimum. Ongoing blessings will energize and rejuvenate for lasting influence.

$444 - $777/month (sliding scale)

Bonus: With 6-month membership receive a 2-hour 1:1 intensive with White Oracle Alicia Rose to anchor your transformative journey with the energy of pure success.

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White Monks

This advanced membership program is aligned for those creating significant impact with legacies for generations to come. Blessings are aligned for members with the intention of radiating through their collectives to innovate, accelerate, and optimize their authentic visions.

In addition to the Monkey Membership services, this program is limited to six who are prioritized with exclusive services:

  • Introductory 2-hour 1:1 Session with Intention Setting
  • Weekly 1-hour 1:1 Session
  • 20-min Ad Hoc Sessions
  • Telegram Chat Support
  • Optional Group Session for Personal Collective

For those who have already mastered opulence and grace, this membership is intended for those aware of their power and influence. We have succeeded, and now it is time to create significant waves in the areas of authentic expertise. This membership program strengthens alignment with miraculous tendencies by alchemizing opportunities to better ourselves, our environments, and all those in connection with us. With utmost faith in the mystical synchronicity that exists within the ethereal nature of our beings, this confidential program allows pure truth to evince divinely.

Investment: Memberships require a 4-month minimum and are encouraged for 3-year period assuming significant novelty.

$8,888 - $16,700/month (sliding scale)

Membership Requirements: This program includes a personalized membership for those who are ready to create massive shifts of visionary significance. We appreciate your willingness to understand acceptance may be contingent on a 20-min clarity call to ensure synchronicity of expectations (particularly if you are new to Alicia's services). The White Monks program focuses on adjusting personal energetics so that reality alters seamlessly, and radiates beautifully to all that is around you. This program relies on assumption that spiritual forces are natural, and able to be focused to influence your life in miraculous ways.

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Use the power of intentional energy to miraculously transform your life!