Everything is Energy

Alongside your prayer request, I highly encourage you to act in a way that implies your request has been fulfilled. By taking action in the physical reality, it communicates to emotional, mental, and spiritual realms that the desired outcome has been done already. Your prayers are heard, answered, and fulfilled for the highest and best possible outcome.

There are limitless opportunities for what these actions may encompass. Especially if you have been considering something specific or an opportunity arises, I highly encourage you to act on that. Generally intuition and Spirit will be consistent, kind, and quiet. Take note when synchronicities or patterns occur; take action, including when habitual changes are enlightened.

A tangible offering is helpful particularly for manifestation efforts of a physical nature. I recognize the Rule of Three and similar adages, which imparts that whatever energy is put out will be returned threefold. Wanting more abundance? Invest like you are abundant. Wanting more confidence? Act self-assured in all that you do. Wanting more love? Show love to those you authentically love.

There are infinite ways. As you feel called, we appreciate your prayer donations which support offering complementary events and services. We understand the depth of energetic reciprocity and Spirit knows your heart. Thank you for your support.

Ultimately, we encourage you to act; and know is already done.

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