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Ask Alicia + Friends

ASK ALICIA offers a casual discussion group online, with channeled messages and group energetic blessings. Held monthly on 3rd Wednesdays at 6pm PT. Examples of past topics include Numerology, Karmic Astrology, Intuitive Skills, Animal Symbology, Intergalactic Encounters, and more!


Pet Communication

Animal Communication is the practice of intuitive conversation with your beloved animals (past or present) asking questions and receiving messages they want to share with you. This remote practice can bring peace of mind to owners and strengthen the bond between pet and parent.


Mediumship Services

Think of Alicia Rose as your spiritual translator, helping to share messages from beyond. Often we are graced with loved ones, guides or other spiritual beings to share information that can support your soul’s journey. Ask away!


Oracle Sessions

Dive into the secrets of the spirit realms with an oracular reading. Alicia Rose will connect intuitively to share prescient messages. Learn about relationships, finances, and more through Divine guidance.


Energetic Blessings

Call in universal support for a situation, person, pet or other matter. In these sessions Alicia Rose will hold space energetically while together we divinely call in a solution for the best for all involved.


Spiritual Guidance

Often times, there is something on our minds or hearts that is bringing us to seek out spiritual guidance. These sessions are a catch-all for the adventurous. Whatever the situation, you can expect a mystical journey with the support of Alicia Rose as your navigator.